Friday, October 30, 2009

Yankee Locker Room Hi-Jinks...

From no less a source than the eminent Joe Torre, from his book, "The Yankee Years."  As has been well established, Clemens liked other attention to his undercarriage and things stuck in his backside.  Clemens also liked to train with Game 3 Yankees starter Andy Pettitte *ALL OFF SEASON AT CLEMENS'S HOUSE* in Texas.  Someone's got to invite Pettitte to Old City and paint the night pink! 

Pedro Calls out Borish Piece o' Trash Yankees Fan

Pedro says a Yankees Fan should be Ashamed.

I agree, Mr. Martinez--Yankees fans *SHOULD* be ashamed of themselves.  Very ashamed. 

Don't Let the Kids Trick or Treat at this Guy's House

Luis Polonia, known Yankee and child rapist. 

On the PLUS side, at least he isn't a known on-field cheat like so many other Yankees.

Photocollage of Cliff Lee wiping the Yankees' Stink on their own White-Streaked Faces

How do that man walk with five balls in his sack? 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The House that...NONE of the Current Yankees Built

New Yankee Stadium is well on it's way to being New Citi Field.

That Sound

You know the sound--the sound that warms your heart and makes you feel good about humanity.

Here's MINE.

Note to State Store Workers in Philly

Joba Chamberlain is a Crown Royal man.

Every Little Jewish kid... North Jersey dreams of committing fan interference and getting away with it. Hopefully, when the little Goldman babies try to restart the dynasty by putting their shoulder to the waves of rampant Yankee cheating, the Phillies fans respond in kind with violence come Game 3.

I have a sh*tload of old Duracell C cells to pelt Jeter with, J.D. Drew-style.

Better an Adult Homo than a Combo of Adult Homos AND Child Rapists

New York, despite being the gay capital of the universe, has newspapers (not anonymous idiots, like moi) Photoshopping skirts onto Shane Victorino and throwing out all sorts of codes. Of course, given the Yankee's affinity for statutory rape (see, Hall, Mel; Polonia, Luis), wouldn't you rather have comely Shane in a cheeleader skirt than an outfielder in your daughter?

AND, as Senator Craig said to Rep. Foley: the homophobe who calls "FAG!" the loudest sucks c*ck the hardest. And, in "Mo" Rivera's case, spits.

Robin Roberts and Jayson Werth

This Mo don't Swallow

"Does Mariano Rivera cheat?" Is he a Yankee?

Tell it, Brother!!

I DON'T Approve of the homophobia (the proper term for the Yankees is "gay," which is actually their least objectionable quality), but this Angels fan gets most of it right. May my blessed Phils pick it up and put a stake through the heart of every nouveau riche loudmouth Goldman Sachs bonus baby's dreams. Click through for YANKEE HATE!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mel Hall made the News again this Year!!!

From the Yankee creep memory bank. There are so MANY!

Google Affilliate Ad from the Facebook Margin

I always thought this was a...ahem...heartwarming picture. No?
Jason Giambi always struck me as more of a bottom, though.

Sorry, Kate, but...

A-Rod's Jeter. He is taking applicants for "hag," though. He's not interested in Buddhist devotional beads any more than he was gonna be a Yid, but he will take a couple cakes from OYS's urinals.
Click pic for story.

Welcome, Yankee S^%$bags!

I knew it would happen, so I grabbed this domain. I hate the f*&^ing Yankees and hope they drown in a puddle of Joe Girardi's alfredo sauce. I hate them that much.

Twenty-six world series don't remove the North Jersey stink from Yankees-fans. They are rabble (the ones in the stands are rabble with money), who bask in the aura of their team's clumsy success. Here is hoping that the Sainted Phillies do what the rotten motherf*&^ing Red Sox, Twins, and Angels couldn't: